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A bit on, about gone, about right, addled, adrip, afflicted, afloat, alcoholized, alecie, alkied up, all at sea, all gone, altogethery, anchored in Sot's bay, aped, apple palsy, arf and arf, at one's ease, at rest, awash, awry-eyed

Bacchi plenus, bagged, ball-dozed, balmy, bamboozled, baptized, barreled, barreled-up, barrel-house drunk, basted, batted, battered, beargered, been at an Indian feast, been in the sun, been to France, beerified, beery, behind the cork, belted, bemused, bent, bent out of shape, bewitched, bibacious, bibulous, biffy, binged, blanked, blasted, bleary-eyed, blewed, blimped, blind, blind drunk, blinded, blinders, blindo, blind staggers, blithered, blitzed, bloated, blotto, blowed-away, blown-away, blown-up, blue, blued, blue-eyed, boiled, boiled as an owl, boiling drunk, bombed, boned, bongo, bongoed, bonkers, boosy, boozeblind, boozed, boozed as the gage, boozed-up, boozy, boshy, bosko absoluto, bosky, both sheets in the wind, bottle-ache, bottled, bowzered, boxed, boxed-up, brandy-faced, breath strong enough to carry coal with, breezy, bridgey, bright in the eye, bruised, bubby, budgy, buffy, bull-dozed, bumpsy, bung, bunged, bungey, bung-eyed, bung-fu, bunned, buried, burn with a low blue flame, burst, buzz, buzzed, buzzey

caged, candy, canned, canned-up, canon, can't see a hole in the ladder, capernoited, cap-sick, carrying a heavy load, carrying two red lights, cast, catsood, cherry-merry, cherubimical, chickory, chucked, clear, clobbered, cocked, cockeyed, cognacked, coguey, comboozelated, comfortable, concerned, conflummoxed, cooked, corked, corked-up, corky, cornered, cracked, cramped, crazy, creamed, crocked, cronk, cross-eyed, crumped-out, crump-footed, crying drunk

dagged, damaged, D. and D., dead drunk, deads, dead to the world, decayed, decks awash, deleerit, dinged-out, dinky, dirty-drunk, discouraged, discumfuddled, disguised, disorderly, dithered, dizzy as a coot, dizzy as a goose, doneover, draped, drenched, drink, drinking, dripping tight, drunk, drunk as a bastard, drunk as a besom, drunk as a boiled owl, drunk as a brewer's fart, drunk as a broom, drunk as a coot, drunk as a cunt, drunk as a fiddler, drunk as a fly, drunk as fowl, drunk as a lord, drunk as a mouse, drunk as an earl, drunk as an owl, drunk as a piper, drunk as a piss-ant, drunk as a rat, drunk as a rolling fart, drunk as a skunk, drunk as a sow, drunk as a tapster, drunk as Bacchus, drunk as buggery, drunk as Chloe, drunk as David's sow, drunk as Floey, drunky, drunok, dull in the eye

ebrious, edged, egg, electrified, elephant's trunk, elevated, eliminated, embalmed

faced, falling-down drunk, farahead, fears no man, featured, feeling good, feeling no pain, fettered, fiddled, fighting tight, fired-up, fishy, fishy about the gills, flakers, flatch kennurd, flawed, floating, flooey, floored, florid, flush, flushed, flusterated, flustered, flustrated, fly-blown, fly-by-night, fly the ensign, fogged, foggy, fog-a-matic, folded, foozlified, fou, four sheets to the wind, fox-drunk, foxed, foxy, fractured, frazzled, fuzzy

gaged, gassed, gay, geed-up, geezed, geezed-up, generous, gilded, gingered-up, ginned, ginned-up, glad, glassy-eyed, glazed, glazed drunk, globular, glorious, glowing, glued, goat-drunk, gone, goofy, googly-eyed, gorey-eyed, got a brass eye, got the glanders, got the gout, grape-shot, gravelled, greased, groatable, grogged, groggy, guyed out, guzzled

had enough, half and half, half-blind, half-bulled, half-canned, half-cocked, half-cut, half-gone, half in the bag, half-lit, half-on, half-pissed, half-rats, half-rinsed, half-screwed, half-shaved, half-shot, hammered, hammerish, hanced, happy, hard-up, hardy, Harry Flakers, have a bun on, have a drop in the eye, have a glow on, have a jag on, have a load on, have a package on, have a skate on, have a slant on, have a turkey on one's back, hazy, helpless, het-up, hiccius-doccius, hicksius-doxsius, high, high as a kite, higher than a kite, hipped, hoary-eyed, hockey, hocus, hocus-pocus, honked, hooched, hooched-up, hoodman, hooted, hopped, horizontal, horseback, hot, hot as a red wagon, how-came-you-so?

illuminated, imploxicated, in armour, in a trance, in-cog, in color, in drink, inebrious, in good fettle, inked, inky, inkypoo, in liquor, in one's airs, in one's altitude, in one's cups, in orbit, insobreity, inspired, inter pocula, in the gun, in the ozone, in the pink, in the suds, in the sun, in the wind, in tipium grove, intoxed, intoxicated, inundated, irrigated, ishkimmisk

jagged, jambled, jazzed, jazzed-up, jiggered, jingled, jolly, jugbitten, jugged, jugged up, jug-steamed, juiced, juiced-up, juicy, jungled

keyed, keyed to the roof, keyed-up, kisky, knapt, knee-walking drunk, knocked-up, knockered.

laid-out, laid to the bone, lappy, lathered, leaping, leary, leery, light, likkered-up, limber, limp, lined, lion-drunk, liquified, liquored-up, liquorish, liquor plug, liquor-struck, lit, lit to the gills, lit-up, loaded, loaded for bear, loaded to the gills, loaded to the gunwales, loaded to the plimsoll mark, logged, look lively, looped, loop-legged, loose in the hilt, loud and proud, lubricated, lumpy, lush, lushed, lushed-up, lushy

maggoty, malted, martin-drunk, mastok, maudlin drunk, mauled, mawbrish, mellow, melted, merry, Methodistconated, Mickey Finnished, milled, miraculous, mizzled, moist around the edges, mooney, moon-eyed, moony, moppy, mops and brooms, mortal, mortallious, muckibus, muddled, muddled-up, mugg blotts, mugged, mugged-up, muggy, mulled, mulled-up, muzzy

nappy, nase, nazy, nimptopsical, noddy-headed, noggy, nolo, N.Y.D.,

obfuscated, obfusticated, off one's nut, off the nail, oil, oiled, on, on a jag, one-over-eight, one's flag is out, on one's ass, on one's ear, on one's fourth, on sentry, on the sauce, on the skyte, organized, orie-eyed, ossified, out, out on the roof, out to it, overboard, overcome, overseas, overseen, overset, overshot, oversparred, overtaken, over the bay, over the mark, owled, owly-eyed, oxycrocium

packaged, paid, palatic, palled, paralytic, paralyzed, parboiled, pasted, peckish, pee-eyed, peppy, pepst, perked, pertish, petrified, pickled, pie-eyed, piffed, pifficated, piffled, pifflicated, pigeon-eyed, pilfered, pinked, pinko, pipped, pipped-up, pissed, pissed-up, pissed up to the eyebrows, pissing-drunk, pissy-arsed, pixilated, pizzicato, plastered, pleasantly plastered, plonked, plootered, ploughed, plowed, poddy, poggled, pogy, polished, polished-up, polled-off, polluted, poopied, pot, pot-shot, pot-sick, potted, potulent, powdered, powdered-up, preserved, primed, pruned, put to bed with a shovel, pye-eyed

queer, queered, quisby

racked, racked-up, raddled, ragged, rammaged, ramping mad, rattled, raunchy, reeking, reeling ripe, reely, religious, rigid, rileyed, ripe, ripped, roaring drunk, rocky, roaring drunk, roostered, rorty, rosined, rosy, rosy about the gills, rotten, royal, rummed, rummed-up

salt, salted, salted-down, salt junk, salubrious, sap happy, saturated, sauced, sawed, scammered, schicker, scooped, scorched, scotch mist, scrambled, scranched, scratched, screeching, scrooched up, see double, seeing snakes, see pink elephants, see two moons, seeing double-feeling single, semi-bousy, sent, served-up, sewed-up, shaved, shellacked, sherbetty, shicer, shick, shicked, sheckered, shikker, shined, shiny, shipwrecked, shit-faced, shot, shot-away, shot full of holes, shot in the neck, shot-up, skimished, slathered, slewed, slewy, slightly-tightly, slopped, slopped-over, slopped to the ears, sloppy, sloppy-drund, sloshed, slurks, slushed, slushed-up, smashed, smeared, smeekit, smoked, snapped, snockered, snooted, snotted, snozzled, snubbed, snuffy, snug, so, soaked, soapy-wyed, soggy, soshed, sottish, soupy, soused, soused to the gills, sow-drunk, sozzled, sozzly, speechless, speffed, spifflicated, spifflo, spoony-drunk sprung, squiffy, staggerish, stale drunk, standing too long in the sun, starchy, state of elevation, steamed up, steep-stiffed, stiffo, stinking, stinko, stitched, stozzled, striped, stubbed, stuccoed, stung, stunned, stupid, sucked, sucky, sun in the eyes, supercharged, swacked, swallowed a hare, swamped, swatched, swattled, swazzled, sweet, swigged, swiggled, swilled, swilled-up, swine-drunk, swinny, swiped, swipy, swivelly, swizzled, swozzled

tacky, take a shard, tangle-footed, tangle-taverned, tead-up, teed, teed-up, temulent, that way, thawed, three sheets in the wind, three sheets to the wind, tiddled, tiddly, tiffled, tight, tight as a brassiere, tight as a drum, tight as a fart, tight as a ten-day drunk, tight as a tick, tight as the bark on tree, tin hats, tinned, tishy, toasted, tol-lol, tongue tied, too many clothes on the wind, too numerous to mention, top-heavy, topped, toppy, topsy-boozy, topy, tore-up, torrid, tossed, tostificated, totalled, toxed, toxy, trammeled, translated, tubed, tumbling-wind

under, under the influence, under the table, under the weather, unk-dray, unsober, upholstered, uppish, up the pole, up to the gills

varnished, vulcanized

wall-eyed, wamble-cropped, wapsed down, wasted, water-logged, weak-jointed, weary, well-bottled, well-fixed, well-oiled, well-sprung, well-under, wet, what-nosed, whazood, whiffled, whipcat, whipped, whipsey, whiskyfied, whisky-frisky, whistle drunk, whittled, whooshed, wilted, winey, wing-heavy, wiped, wiped-out, wired-up, wobbly, womble-ty-croft, woofled, woozy.

ydrunken, yak-ready
zagged, zig-zag, zig-zagged, zissified, zoned, zonked, zonked out.